Online Books On War Gaming

We present here the review of some of the most popular and excellent books on war gaming online. The information provided in war gaming books online helps you to know more about various war games be it card war games, miniature war games or board war games. There are numerous online books on war gaming which you can easily find on the internet. Make use of these books on war gaming to the maximum as these are a great source to add to your knowledge about war games concepts and rules. Here is the review of some of the popular online books on war gaming. Let us have a look:

War Gaming World War Two: This book on wargmaing showcases the roles played by the army, the navy and the air force in the war. Each and every term is discussed in details with the background information and organizational details well explained and elaborated. It also includes informational about weapons and equipment of the major countries of the world along with suggesting rules and scenarios of various wargmaing exercises.

World Warhammer: Another one from the category of popular online war gaming books is World Warehammer. It is the encyclopedia of the bestselling books on fighting fantasy game category. It consists of all the information about the magical world of Warhammer and all the incredible races that live in it are now fully described in one volume. This online war game book will serve as a best guide to those fans of war games who are interested in fantasy fiction.

Donald Featherstone Wargaming Campaigns: This online war game by Donald Featherstone covers the topics ranging from map making, to attrition to the issue of smaller forces delaying larger ones. It was among the very the first books dealing with the art of creating a series of related battles and linking them into campaigns for the modern enthusiast.

Free Kriegspiel: This online book on war gaming focuses on the translation of the 1896 Prussian Free Kriegspiel. It describes why a war game should be run with a minimum rules and how this can be done. This online war game book challenged the growing complexity of the Kriegsspiel rules by recommending that that no rules were necessary. Later on this idea became famous as the Free Kriegsspiel and served as the base for the development of the strategic wargames used from 1900 onwards.

We really hope that the information provided here on war gaming books online is helpful to you.