Various Types Of War Gaming

War gaming is a very broad term in itself and it can be divided further into many sub categories. The most common and well known kind of wargaming are Miniature war gaming, Board ward gaming, Card war gaming and Computer war games. Apart from these, there are certain other parameters used to describe war games. These are environment, Historical Period and Unit or Map Scale. Let us have a quick look at these parameters.


The environment means the type of warfare i.e. land, air or naval on which the war game is based. The most common depicted environment in computer wargaming is land based warfare. Most types of war gaming focus on land warfare because it is easy to simulate. Naval based wargames are also quite popular and there are many different wargames associated with it. The types of wargaming based on air warfare are relatively less as compared to land and naval based wargames. The reason is that Aerial wargames are relatively new and on the subject matter, these are difficult to simulate. It is not easy to depict the complicated model of the air based war games. Nevertheless, there are certain science fiction games which are set in space available on the internet.

Historical Period

There are different types of wargaming which is generally historical in nature. These war games are thus grouped into periods. Some of the most common known groups of historical war gaming are the American Civil War, World War II and the Napoleonic Wars. The other groups are Ancients, Middle Ages, Early Gunpowder, and Modern. The wargames need necessarily not to be based on some traditional concepts of warfare and battles. There are games which are based on typical film genres such as gang battles, crime and law enforcement.

Unit or Map Scale

Another parameter used to decide the types of wargaming are unit or map scale. The Unit factor along with historical period and environment factor can be used to further divide war games into sub categories. These are as described in different war games.

Grand Strategy

It is based on the degree of resources of a nation used in a combat and level of movement of military. The entire resource mechanism of the nation involved may be mobilized as part of a long-term struggle. The simulation of these types of war games involves political, economic, and military conflict. The names of few war games of these types are Axis and Allies, Risk, and Empires in Arms.


Military units are divided into divisions and corps based on the size of troops and the raw strength of each troop. This sub category uses all the branches of an army.


The common units in this sub category are battalion of divisional size. Weather and logistics are [lay an important role.


These types of war games involve army units ranging from individual vehicles and squads to platoons or companies, and are measured by the types and ranges of individual weaponry.


This type of war gaming is represented by individual soldiers of the army. The game comprises of small firefights such as man-to-man scale. The few common types of wargames in this category are as Patrol and Sniper.