Different Types Of Computer Wargaming

Online computer wargaming involves simulation of military wars to develop real world military strategies. Wargaming in general refers to recreational games in which a military operation or a real military wargame situation is simulated. The most popular of online computer wargaming are simulate or illuminates aspects of human behavior bearing on the way of war. Good wargames generally keep the situation very close to the real world and the computer wargames don’t appear to be fictional or make believe kind of game. These days many advanced and modern computer strategy games are considered as computer wargaming. There is variety of popular computer wargames based on World War II which you can find online.

Computer wargames consists of different type of strategy games. These computer wargames emphasize on the strategic and tactical nature of war on a map and are based on some famous historical event or war. The computer wargaming online have a strategic mode where players have the option to choose the battlefield, plan their battle or choose an area to conquer. The players typically spend much less time in this mode and more time actually fighting.

Computer wargaming online can be categorized into following types:

Historical computer wargames: These types of computer wargames are among the most popular and comprise the largest group of war games. The fact behind huge popularity of these games is that these are based real events and provide a close approximation of the actual conditions of war including actual forces and terrain and other relevant factors such as weaponry.

Hypothetical computer wargames: Hypothetical games can be attributed to be based on historical fact but the battles or conflicts that are part of these games are not factual.

Science Fantasy or Science Fiction computer wargames: These games are the work of fiction and have their own imaginary settings and rules. Although, these games appear to be like computer wargames, but they are not considered to be pure wargames by many war gaming lovers.

The famous examples are Hidden Mysteries – in which civil war players join General Walker and loyal follower of Abe Lincoln in a Civil War adventure. Panzer General, a traditional war game is among the most popular and noted computer wargaming online. This computer wargames has number of sequels depicting different scenarios. Other famous online computer wargames are Close Combat and Combat Mission and Steel Panthers and these games are considered true to the tradition of wargames.