Best Notable War Gamers

This article is about the biggest names of war gaming world as it introduces you to some of the best notable war gamers. Read on the details to know more about famous war gamers.

H.G. Wells: This notable war gamer is considered to be a pioneer in the field of miniature war gaming. He has also written a very famous book on war gaming named Little Wars.

Phil Dunn: The Naval Wargames Society was founded by Phil Dunn, another very famous war gamer. The Naval Wargames Society is the only international organization of naval wargmaing till date. He has also penned down the book named Sea Battle Games.

Jack Scruby: He is a notable war gamer who did the most to make miniature wargaming a respectable hobby after its founder H.G. Wells. He worked hard in the filed of miniature wargmaing to popularize this war gaming by producing cheaper production process for miniature figures. He was the first notable war gamer who, published the first ever magazine the War Game Digest on miniature wargaming.

Don Featherstone: A very famous war gamer of Britain and is popularly known as the "co-father" of modern miniature wargaming.

Charles S. Roberts: He is known as the Father of modern board wargaming. He was among the pioneers in designing the first modern wargames and the company most identified with modern wargames i.e. The Avalon Hill.

Frank Chadwick: A notable war gamers, designer and the founder of Game Designers Workshop, one of the first major competitors of Avalon Hill.

Richard Berg: He is among notable war gamers and have designed the game The Terrible Swift Sword.

Larry Bond: Another very popular war gamer and best selling author and designer of Harpoon.

Jim Dunnigan: He is considered as the Dean of Modern Wargaming and is also the founder of SPI and the most prolific print war game designer in history. The credit of designing the first ever tactical wargames goes to this very popular war gamer.

Bruce Quarrie: This best notable war gamer wrote rule sets for Napoleonic and World War Two wargames and also worked in military history.

Mark Herman: He is a notable war gamer who is also the member of the "Hall of Fame" and Designer of We The People the first Card Driven Wargame. He originally worked at SPI and was the CEO of VG. He is the proud designer of recent designs for For The People and Empire of the Sun, both of which won the Charles S. Roberts Award for best game in their category.